It started off as a phone call between two friends catching up on a few favorite things they missed during quarantine - two of which are a strong passion of theirs, traveling and boba tea. They reminisced on stories of their previous travels, where they visited the best boba shops in these cities, even in freezing winter temperatures (thank you, hot milk tea!). The conversation instantly transitioned into figuring out how to solve the problem of limited options for boba milk tea not just for themselves, but for many boba lovers out there.

With the "new normal," not everyone can get easy access to their favorite boba drinks. Vy and Victoria wanted to use their professional background and experience working for some of the most reputable brands to make this business idea come to life. They wanted to share their passion and bring boba tea experiences directly to you.

After researching the market and fiercely studying the competition, they were dedicated to bringing a better product to the market and operating a more efficient supply chain to get products to the customers easier and faster. They spent months learning and testing countless ingredients and preparation methods. After all these efforts, they were finally satisfied with the results. Vy and Victoria are now proud to share their own custom recipe in their first product line, The Iconic Kits.


Victoria Reyes Co-Founder and COO of Kassava Company

Victoria Reyes (Co-Founder)

Victoria was born and raised in Manila, Philippines and now resides in Los Angeles, California. She has a strong passion for boba and travel. Her most memorable boba tea experience was traveling to Taiwan, the birthplace of boba, to immerse herself in the cultural and delicious aspects of boba milk tea.

Victoria brings with her vast experience in supply chain and product development from Starbucks, The Honest Company and Art of Sport.

Her Kassava favorite is the Oolong Milk Tea, which she enjoys with two servings of boba!


Vy Duong (Co-Founder)

Vy was born in Dalat, Vietnam and moved to Arizona as an immigrant with her family in 1991. She currently resides in Dallas, Texas and enjoys being a part of the Christian community there.

Friends know Vy as a boba tea connoisseur. She has been to almost 100 boba shops and makes an effort to visit a new one on every trip. Her passion for travel has led her to nearly 50 different cities all around the world, giving her access to her favorite foods and fashion.

Vy has over a decade of experience in product management, marketing, and procurement for ADP, American Airlines, Sally Beauty, and Neiman Marcus.

She loves The Iconic Black Tea Kit because it contains her favorite Earl Grey Milk Tea, which she always has with boba.